Deluxe Conductivity Meter

Item Code: MT-114

Deluxe Conductivity Meter

Deluxe Conductivity meter with auto temperature compensation 3½ digit LED Display , Digit cell constant adjustment, conductivity cell 7 temperature probe.


0 to 1000m mhos/cm in 5 ranges


± 0.3% FS 200µ Mhos/cm1% FS in last range .


0.1µ Mhos/cm

Measuring Frequency

1000 Hz

Temp. Compensation

0º C to 50º C Automatic

Cell Constant

0.4 to 1.6 adjustable

Function Selector

CHECK/COND/CELL CONSTANTAutomatic Temperature Compensation

Digital Display

3½ digit LED Display

Power Supply

220 V ± 10% Hz AC


1) Conductivity cell

2) Electrode stand

3)Temperature Probe

4) Dust cover

5) Instruction Manual