Conductivity Meters

Deluxe Conductivity Meter

Deluxe Conductivity meter with auto temperature compensation 3½ digit LED Display , Digit cell constant adjustment, conductivity cell 7 temperature probe.

Portable Conductivity Meter

Portable digital Conductivity meter 3½ digit LCD Display along with conductivity cell battery operated.

Digital Conductivity Meter

Digital Conductivity Meters are reliable and accurate test instruments for measurement of Conductivity of aqueous solutions. They measure Conductivity in five ranges.

Conductivity Cell

Range: 1 µS/cm to 20 mS/cm Application: Field / Lab Use with Meters: Star Series Meters Cell Constant: 1.0 (cm‾¹) Cell Material: Epoxy/Platinum Cable (L): 1.5m

Microprocessor Conductivity /SAL/TDS/Temp. Meter

Microprocessor Conductivity /SAL/TDS/Temp. Meter – 112 is a solid state instrument designed to provide the precise conductivity/TDS measurements.